Services & Choices


      Monday - Friday  6pm by appointment, .Weekends by appointment only.  Appointments can be in the office or in the comfort of your home.** Contact me at 518-366-4177

Swedish Massage

      A relaxing and therapeutic style using long fluid strokes.  This full body technique is the best way to increase circulation and soothe tired muscles.

30 min. session    $45

60 min. session    $75


      A method for activating the healing powers of the body by applying controlled pressure to reflex points on the feet.

30 min session    $45

60 min session    $75

Chakra Balancing

      With this healing therapy, the goal is to clear and balance the body systems.  Chakra healing helps relieve anxiety, stress, tension and headaches. A combination of essential oils can also be specifically chosen for each chakra balancing session for an additional fee. 

30 min session    $45

60 min session    $75

Aromatherapy Massage

      Essential oils can be added to your session.  Choose from 5 essential oils depending on the desired effect. 

Calm, energize or reduce pain.  

60 min session  $100

**There is additional $10 charge for in-home sessions.  In-home sessions are limited to a 50 mile radius of the office.**